Coordinated European action against IPTV services


Recently Europol and Eurojust coordinated actions against illegal IPTV services in several European countries, one of the results was that over two million accounts were switched off. The Swedish part concerned, that has been one of the largest illegal IPTV services in the country.

Illegal IPTV is a growing problem. Rights Alliance has filed police complaints against iptvking and several other illegal services. We are glad to see that the police acts forcefully against these services. The persons organizing the services often make considerable money and that is also the main reason why the number of services is increasing.

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Rights Alliance works mainly against different forms of internet crime. Mainly we use preventive measures. In some cases this is not enough, we then have the competence to move forward with legal claims. We will give you an overall strategy to act effectively against infringements. Different measures are often needed to achieve certain results.

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