Sweden has the largest piracy problem in the Nordics


According to a new study from Medivision, illegal consumption of film and tv-series is still a massive problem in the Nordics, although legal services are more accessible and popular than ever. Sweden has the biggest problem where 17 per cent of the population between the ages 15-74 have streamed or downloaded illegally in the last month. The study shows that there are 2,9 million pirates in the Nordics.

- The study confirms our view that we still have a long way to go when it comes to working against illegal consumption online. The problem has increased on Youtube and Facebook and we see a worrying development of illegal IPTV, says Sara Lindbäck, lawyer at Rights Alliance.

- Streaming has been a big challenge for rightsholders in the Nordics for many years. There are almost 22 000 titles currently available to Nordic consumers via legal online video services. Still, many choose to use illegal sources to access content, says Natalia Borelius, senior analyst at Mediavision. This shows that availability is not the only issue when it comes to piracy. Other measures may be needed if these figures are to be brought down.

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