Alma Shawwaf to Rights Alliance

Alma Shawwaf (formerly Skarrie), previously investigator of intellectual property crimes at the Police, changes jobs to lawyer at Rights Alliance.

–  I have worked with intellectual property crimes for a long time and I’m well aware of the Rights Alliance and their staff. A lot is happening in the intellectual property area, and I’m excited to switch to the private sector and a smaller and more fast-moving organization, says Alma Shawwaf.

Alma Shawwaf is a lawyer and will continue to work against online crimes.

–  For us, Alma is a dream recruitment. We’ve been following her work for a long time and she is an efficient and competent investigator as well as a very social and positive person. We are very excited to now have her working with us, says Sara Lindbäck, at Rights Alliance.

Alma Shawwaf started her new position in beginning of September.

Published: 2022-09-14