Court of Appeals awards millions in damages regarding illegal IPTV service

Today, the Patent and Market Court of Appeals (PMÖD) delivered a verdict concerning the man who ran the illegal IPTV service Scandinavian IPTV. 

The issue in the case mainly concerned the period of the crime. The Patent and Market Court meant that it had only been shown that the man had infringed for a week. However, PMÖD makes a different assessment and sentences the man to be responsible for the entire criminal period, from August 20 to May 17, 2022. The man is sentenced to a suspended sentence and 100 daily fines and to pay SEK 2.7 million in damages to the rights holders.

According to Mediavision, 580,000 Swedish households pay for illegal IPTV services. This leads to great damage for rights holders and, by extension, the public, who, among other things, suffer from consequences such as lost jobs and lost tax revenue.

Publicerad: 2024-06-19