Trial against couple behind two illegal IPTV services

Recently, the Patent and Market Court held a trial against a couple in Eskilstuna. The accused man is suspected of running two different IPTV services, which brought in 2.3 million SEK. Some of the money, close to 1.3 million, is believed to have been funnelled to the man’s partner, who is charged with serious money laundering. The woman claims to have been unaware of the man’s activities.

In connection with the police searching the couple’s residence a lot of money and a Tesla was seized, among other things. The value of the seizure is estimated at approximately 1 million SEK. The police have carried out a thorough investigation and have, for example contacted previous customers and made test purchases. The two IPTV services were discovered and reported to the police by the Rights Alliance. The police’s investigative work could link together the activities.

Illegal IPTV is a serious and growing problem facing the film and TV industries. According to Mediavision, 380,000 Swedish households (9 per cent) pay for this type of illegal service, generating millions in revenue for organized crime. Sweden has the second biggest problem with illegal IPTV in Europe, according to the European Union’s Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

Published: 2022-09-02