Rights Alliance signs exclusive agreement with YouTube

Through a recent agreement with YouTube, RA is now able to give smaller rights holders access to Content ID- something previously only accessible for large rights holders. YouTube has granted RA, along with a few carefully selected companies which are not rights holders themselves, the right to offer Content ID to smaller rights holders.

What does this mean? By creating a reference file in Content ID videos uploaded on YouTube will be scanned and illegal uploads can be blocked automatically.

-“It is never acceptable to upload others’ content without prior permission”, says Sara Lindbäck at Rights Alliance. “We are excited with this agreement with YouTube, the world’s largest video platform, which gives us a unique opportunity to protect content for smaller rights holders on the platform locally or all over the world. This is a game charger for smaller rights holders and we are thrilled to be able to offer this.” RA has previously been working for SF Studios to protect their content on YouTube and will continue to do so.