Intellectual Property, Jobs & Prosperity in the Nordic Region – 2023 years-report

73,000 jobs and 50 billion in tax revenue lost. These are the consequences of piracy and counterfeiting in Sweden.

This year’s report, carried out by Dr Nima Sanandaji on behalf of the Network for a modern IP legislation, shows that intellectual property-intensive companies contribute to 283 billion euros in value creation and 3 million jobs in the Nordic region. Value creation per employee is 21 per cent higher in Nordic companies with intensive dependence on intellectual property rights compared to the rest of the business world.

At the same time, growth is threatened by infringements of intellectual property rights. Approximately SEK 187 billion in contributions to the Swedish GDP are pushed aside. As a result, tax revenues also decrease by SEK 50 billion annually. The number of jobs being displaced amounts to an estimated 73,000 in Sweden.

Reducing piracy and infringement of intellectual property rights through reforms in Sweden and EU cooperation is crucial for promoting innovation and development within intellectual property-intensive companies.

The full report is available here.