“Warning list for illegal sites” – advertisers should avoid these

Illegal sites earn millions of SEK through advertising. The money oes straight into the pockets of criminals. It is also essential that illegal sites are not given advertising space and thus end up at the top of the search results on major search engines such as Google. Now the “Warning list for illegal sites” is being updated, a list of ten sites that all serious advertisers should avoid.

Since 2015, Sweden’s Advertisers Association and Rights Alliance has published this list of pirate sites focusing on movies and TV-series. We are now expanding the collaboration with IAB Sweden and Sweden’s Media Agencies to increase awareness of responsible advertising.

The illegal services on the list make large amounts of copyrighted material available without permission from the rights holders. Those behind the services commit crimes and make money off the work of others. The list is produced by the Rights Alliance, which works against piracy and other forms of cybercrime.

– Advertising finances many piracy services. Advertisers must therefore take active responsibility for how they place their ads and nurture their brand. By updating the warning list, we make it easy for all advertisers to avoid these illegal services, says Sara Lindbäck, lawyer, Rights Alliance.

– The credibility of the advertiser’s brand is eroded if it is on illegal sites and it is important that the sites cannot continue to exist by receiving money from serious advertisers, says Ulrika Wendt, lawyer, Sweden’s Advertisers Association.

– We must jointly take responsibility in this matter and work to ensure that the illegal sites are not financed by serious advertisers. That the warning list of illegal sites is now updated is a step towards increasing knowledge and awareness of the issue, says Lena Regeheim, COO, Sweden’s Media Agencies.

– IAB Sweden thinks it is important to be part of this initiative that helps advertisers take responsibility for where they invest their money. We need to help each other to prevent this type of rogue actors from financing their operations, says Kenneth Danielsson, CEO, IAB Sweden.

Warning list for illegal sites: