ISPs and the film and television industry urge for more efforts against illegal IPTV

Representatives of several of the largest ISPs and the most prominent players in the film and television industry have, for the first time, made a joint statement and have written a debate article.

The article focuses on the fact that Swedish gang crime is not only financed through drug sales but also through, among other things, fraud. According to the National Fraud Center, NBC, nearly half of those suspected of firearm crimes have also been suspected of fraud.

The debate article reminds us that almost half a million Swedes use illegal IPTV services, according to Mediavision. This adds to the staggering sum of more than SEK one billion in criminal proceeds annually.

Sweden needs to take a broader approach and understand how and to what extent gang criminals also carry out fraud and other crimes. The article’s authors believe the entire society must mobilize. See the debate article (in Swedish) here.

Published: 2024-01-16