One in four swedes pirates movies and TV-series

Last week, several media, such as Radio Sweden and Dagens Nyheter, drew attention to the latest figures from Mediavision, which show that approximately every fourth Swede watches films and series from a piracy service.

Since 2022, illegal consumption has increased from 20 to 25 per cent of the population. Illegal viewing is most common among young people, with as many as half stating that they watch TV and movies without paying anything to the rights holders. It adds up to staggering sums that are paid to the illegal services.

“It becomes an enormous number if you imagine that you would pay the market price for everything that is consumed illegally,” says Natalia Borelius, analyst at Mediavision.

Sara Lindbäck, lawyer at the Rights Alliance, says on Radio Sweden that “there is a similarity with those who buy drugs on the weekends, while at the same time you see a connection to serious organized crime”.

The media also mentions the Swedish Tax Agency’s estimates that around 600,000 Swedes pay for illegal IPTV.

Published: 2024-01-16