Prosecution against a man who earned over SEK 5 million from pirate TV

A man from southern Sweden is charged with copyright infringement for running the illegal IPTV service Scandinavian IPTV. The Rights Alliance made the police report, and the plaintiffs are the film companies SF and Nordisk Film. In the same way as other illegal IPTV services, Scandinavian IPTV made available an extensive range of films and TV channels without permission from the rights holders.

The report and the police investigation show that the man has received payments on a Paypal account linked to the IPTV service. During just over two years, he has received approximately 5,000 payments totaling approximately SEK 5.3 million. The money has since been transferred to bank accounts belonging to himself. In addition, payments have also been made in Bitcoins via Swish, so the criminal activity probably generated even higher sums.

The man can also be linked to the illegal service through email addresses, payments, logins to relevant services and information found on his phones and computers.

There is a sequestration order of more than SEK 16 million, and assets have been secured to cover the plaintiffs’ damages claims. The trial is scheduled for March 23rd.