Seminars in the Network for a modern intellectual property law

On January 25th, the Network for a modern intellectual property right, which the Rights Alliance coordinates, organized a seminar together with Aida Birinxhiku (S) and Ann-Charlotte Hammar (M) in the Business Committee for members of the Riksdag and the Network, with the topic of the importance of intellectual property rights for Sweden’s growth. There was great interest in the matter, and further dialogue and information was requested.

On February 23rd, the Network’s next seminar will take place. Then comes the government’s investigator for Swedish regulations due to DSA. The investigation recently submitted its first partial report concerning proposals for competent authorities.

The investigation proposes that the Swedish Post and Telecommunications Agency are appointed as Digital Services Coordinator of Sweden and that the Swedish Consumer Agency and the Swedish Agency for Press, Radio and Television are appointed as other competent authorities. The member states’ Digital Services Coordinators must cooperate with each other, other national competent authorities, the European Board for Digital Services and the European Commission. The partial report can be found here (with summary in english), and the investigation’s final report must be presented by April 7th.

Are you interested in joining the Network? In that case, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more information.