Verdict against Dreamhost

At the beginning of October, a man behind the illegal IPTV service Dreamhost was sentenced guilty. The police investigation was initiated following a report by the Rights Alliance in 2019. The reason that these police investigations often take a very long time is usually due to the cross-border nature of the crime and the fact that much evidence must be requested and obtained from other countries.

The evidence in the case was extensive and included chats, IP tracking, e-mail addresses and financial investigations. Among the latter, it emerged that two Bitcoin wallets linked to the convicted man had a turnover of close to SEK two million in just one year, in 2020.

The penalty was determined to be a suspended sentence and 100 daily fines. The crime period was before the serious crime legislation came into force. The man must also pay damages to the two plaintiff film companies of nearly SEK two million, including both fair compensation and compensation for additional damage.

Once again, it is clear how much money illegal IPTV makes. This is income that ends up directly in the pockets of criminals and which greatly contributes to distorting fair competition.